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A Life-Long Journey

Check out these images!  They are totally cool!

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Experience the Difference

All we have to do is find out what you love then use that to create one extraordinary portrait of you doing what you  love!  That is what will set your portraits apart from those of your friends.

That is what we love about what we do----

creating that hot image that you will hold onto forever

One of the best parts of your high school senior year is having your senior portraits created by a professional photographer! Yeah, you could have your uncle take senior photos or the neighbor with the new fancy digital camera snap a few. Unfortunately, that’s like going to McBurger for Prom! Being a Senior comes only once in your life and you deserve a quality professional, not an amateur. You deserve senior photography that tells your story, of who you are during your senior year!

No other photographers can do this better than the experts at Mears Photography!